Education leads the life towards culmination and provides best understanding to evaluate the situation. The most formidable challenge before all of us today is build a sound system and natural environment for education in the school. Our effort is to develop right human values and utmost skills in children. The school is absolutely dedicated towards best teaching- learning process.

Our Aims for your child

1. To enable to achieve his/her full potential academically and in a happy and challenging environment.
2. To encourage to value learning for its own sake and as means to a fulfilling career.
3. To develop independent habits of learning the ability to work as a member of team and the necessary technological skills to achieve success in the modern world.
4. To provide a civilized environment in which intellectual curiosity can go hand in hand with self-esteem, consideration for others and moral integrity.

Our campus

Spread over four acres Children Army Public School has been founded in 2011. The school is co-educational with adequate logical support for its students and teaching staff. The school has large class-room and a big playground for various outdoor games. Ever since its commencement schools motto has been to teach poor weak and under-privileged children at on affordable fee. Education must care of the social cultural aesthetic, creative and intellectual development with wide ranging activities and wholesome curriculum, the school shall take care of the all round development of the child.